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The proper use of grammar is very important, especially when it comes to putting words on a page. After all, the slightest comma or spelling difference can have a totally different effect on a sentence. The tutors of AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center offer some reminders on proper grammar usage that could help improve your writing style:

·         A sentence requires a noun and a verb. When you go over your work and a section seems confusing, it might be because some of your sentences are missing one of the two components.

·         Use commas whenever you want to separate two or more adjectives that describe a noun. Colons are used to introduce new ideas. If you wish to enhance the meaning of your sentence, use a semicolon; this is put in the place of a period and can connect two independent statements.

·         Learn the proper use of the apostrophe. For instance, “its” refers to possession, and “it’s” is the short form of “it is.” The same goes for “your” which refers to possession, and “you’re,” which is the short form of “you are.” In relation to that, “their” is the possessive, “there” implies distance, and “they’re” is a contraction of “they are.”

·         Pay careful attention to your spelling as well, particularly with “then” and “than.” The word “then” refers to a succeeding action, whereas “than” is used for making comparisons. In addition, choose “farther” when you’re talking about physical distance, and “further” for metaphorical distance.

·         Lastly, when you’re unsure between “who” and “whom,” keep in mind to use “who” when you’re referring to the subject of your sentence, and to use “whom” when you’re referring to the object.

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