For our College Entrance Test Review Program

We are now accepting enrollees for our 2023 UP, Ateneo, De La Salle College and UST Entrance Test Reviews.

Pay via Bank Deposit

Here’s how you can enroll by bank deposit:

1. Fill out the Enrollment Form here.

2. Review the Terms and Conditions before continuing on with the payment.

3. Choose a review schedule and take note of the rates. For more information of the rates, email

4. To get our Unionbank and GCash details please email or our Facebook page to ask for assistance. 

5. Send the following info through Facebook messenger or email:
     – Student’s full name
     – Landline and/or mobile number
     – School
     – Bank and Branch where the deposit was made (only for physical deposits)
     – Chosen review schedule and package

6. For physical deposits, mail scanned deposit slip to (Subject: Enrollment for [type of review])
7. For online bank transfer, please upload the screenshot to the enrollment form.

We will send you an acknowledgement email to confirm that we have received the enrollment requirements.