img384It is no longer surprising that children nowadays develop an apt for learning even during their early years.

General curiosity often gives them the push they need to study, and they become capable of displaying extraordinary feats of academic prowess. Kherby, a student from AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center is one example of these children. He studies at La Salle Greenhills pre-school where he recently received awards for Best in Reading, Outstanding Conduct and Perfect Attendance while maintaining straight A’s. On top of that, he was also given the First Honor award.

Kherby, amidst his numerous achievements, is like any other child. He enjoys playing games and having fun. However, he loves learning more than anything else. Indeed, Kherby is an active student and is always keen to explore. His teacher at AHEAD, Emily Crudo, describes him as a smart boy who seems to be mature for his age. “He is this big ball of energy that likes to play, and sometimes run around the room. Also, he quickly understands the lesson and eager to learn more. I can describe him as inquisitive and witty”, says Teacher Emily.

In the tutorial center, Kherby and Teacher Emily would always start off with a little chitchat before proceeding to the usual checking of assignments and activity sheets. Once these are done, they would then review all of Kherby’s subjects and have discussions. Afterwards, Teacher Emily would ask questions to Kherby, and track his progress by giving him a star for his every correct answer. According to her, the more stars Kherby gains, the more energy he displays. Finally, at the end of each session, Teacher Emily would always cheer him up and remind how he should handle the tests and exercises.

Kherby is certainly one amazing child. His desire to learn, combined with his boundless energy, makes him reach greater heights. So, as part of the AHEAD family, we are truly proud to have him as our student.

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