Test Your Subject Mastery


Want to make sure that you have completely understood a Math concept? Try explaining it! Solving a Math problem on paper is different from explaining it before a live audience. That’s because speaking in front of a group of people requires two types of communication: interpersonal (how you communicate with yourself) and intrapersonal (how you communicate with other people). How you reconcile these two will validate your comprehension of a certain concept.

If you can effectively explain to your classmates how you arrived at the correct answer from beginning to end—along with the logic behind every step, of course—then it means that you have mastered the concept. It is also essential that your classmates were able to understand what you were saying—and learned the concept along the way.

These are just some of the thinking tools that students can gather from AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center. If you want to learn effective practices to polish your skills in Math and other subjects, enroll in the nearest AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center now!

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