Summer is when all student routines and school information goes out the window. Gone are the early morning alarms, the late night studying, the packed lunches, and the after school activities. They’re all replaced with fun in the sun and spontaneous activities. Not all school habits have to die during the summer though. There are a couple of habits that every student could benefit from even during the summer break.

Get a good night’s rest

Even though kids do not have to wake up early in the morning, a good night’s rest is always good for the body. Summer is the best time to catch up on sleep and as tempting as late night video game sessions and sugar-rushed induced all-nighters sound, a good night’s sleep is always better.

Eat right

The summer heat may let any person crave for all the ice cream they could possible eat. However, summer is also they time when kids can eat a home cooked meal 7 days a week. A little junk food here and there would not hurt anyone but eating right would keep kids fit and healthy.

Read a book

Reading a book stimulates your mind. It doesn’t matter what topic the book is about. Reading has plenty of benefits including improved memory, improved focus, enhances writing skills, and it can calm down the mind. Even if it is reading for fun, the benefits are the same with a school prescribed book and induces academic improvement. Reading books for advance learning here and there wouldn’t hurt too.

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