Whenever the entrance exams of the reputed top three universities draw near, we find students scrambling for their textbooks from their freshman high school year to the present. The student wonders, “Algebra first? Trigonometry? Or focus on Chemistry? What if the test covers a lot of Literature questions?“ The now overwhelmed student rummages through old and new references, at a loss as to where to begin.

The top three universities are clearly the most desired in the country by students and parents alike. But these three cannot take in all the incoming college students in the Philippines. There are over 100,000 high school graduates every year, and these universities, on average, accept an approximate total of only 10,000 students annually. This means that competition is FIERCE. You have to be thoroughly prepared if you have your heart set on wearing blue, green, or maroon.

Ahead Tutorial and Review Center offers review programs for entrance examinees to Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, and University of the Philippines. These programs help ease the pressure felt by students by making them study smarter, and not harder.

Ahead offers a test-based review patterned after the entrance examinations of the three universities. The review covers the subjects and topics of a specific entrance exam, with tests and exercises given under the same time limits as the college entrance tests.

“We facilitate the student’s preparation for the test, and minimize the stress of having to figure out what to study and what to leave out. Ahead already took the burden of selecting the materials to cover so students can now focus on mastering them during the course of the program,” remarked Rossana Llenado, President of Ahead Tutorial and Review Center.

Ahead executes a well-paced delivery of the review course, so students do not need to cram for any of the three exams. A study conducted by University of South Florida’s psychology professor Doug Rohrer and psychology graduate student Kelli Taylor, in collaboration with University of California San Diego professor Hal Pashler, revealed the ill effects of cramming and “overlearning“.

According to the researchers, overlearning is the practice or study of a material right after mastering it. An example they cited was when you try to learn new vocabulary flashcard- style. Once you’ve mastered the words, any study beyond that is overlearning. In effect, what this study was saying was that if one devotes a lot of time on a single subject matter, the retention of learning on such subject is decreased, as compared to studying for a specific subject that is conducted over a period and over intervals of days or weeks.

If this study were to be applied to preparing for the college entrance exam, students in effect will retain little of what they have already previously studied during the regular school calendar if they don’t organize the subject matter and the time by which they will spend re-learning them. Students who wish to prepare for these tests by jamming too much information at a time while reviewing will get little in return as far as retention is concerned.

The Ahead review program spreads the lessons over a reasonable period of time so students can breeze through the subjects and really master them. The test-based review of Ahead, the only one offered in the country, is not a compression of four years of high school education.

Ahead carefully selects the materials for study based on the kind of exam a university might offer. These subjects may cover all or any of the combination of subjects such as mathematics (arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry); science (earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics); language (grammar and reading comprehension); and other subjects such as history, geography, current events, sports, literature, music, arts, abstract reasoning, and logical reasoning.

Moreover, Ahead recreates the simulated-time examinations and gives its students the feel of an actual exam. This way, the reviewees know what to anticipate on the actual day of exam when they hurdle questions, whether multiple-choice or essay-writing type.

The passing rate of Ahead reviewees in the three universities is 85%. Students may choose to enroll in a review for a specific university, or avail of a comprehensive package which covers the top three.

Other programs offered by Ahead include reviews for preschool and high school entrance tests, Law Aptitude Exam, IELTS, Graduate Record Examinations (GRE), and the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).

AHEAD offers tutorial and review services for all ages in its branches in Katipunan, Greenhills, Robinsons Galleria, Alabang, Dagupan, UP Village, Mandaluyong, Lipa,Batangas, Baliuag,Bulacan and Bonifacio Global City. For more information, visit www.ahead.ph, or call 426-0034 to 36 and 0917-8911187. Email your concerns and inquiries to info@aheadph.com.

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