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The development of Singapore Math only started in the 1980s but it has since caught the attention of mathematicians everywhere. Since 1995, Singaporean students have consistently achieved prominent rankings in international assessment programs, so it didn’t take long for other countries to recognize the effectiveness of Singapore Math.

In the Philippines, AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center is one of the first educational centers to offer Singapore Math programs, espousing its effectiveness in increasing a student’s proficiency in mathematics.

Last week, Singaporean instructor Lai Jianzhong Gabriel, founder of PowerMe Pte. Ltd, facilitated an intensive training workshop for AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center tutors and lecturers at the invitation of AHEAD President Rossana L. Llenado.

Llenado says, “We are constantly working at improving our instructional methods in order to give the best possible service to our students. By inviting an expert in Singapore Math, we hope to give our tutors and lecturers not just the techniques to make them better teachers, but also the mindset to make them confident in their instruction.”

Gabriel is passionate in his mission to educate the next generation. For him, education is one of the best means to improve one’s station in life. It is also an effective vehicle to address national issues.

PowerMe is Gabriel’s way of contributing to the cause of education. It is a web application, which allows students to solve Math questions with step-by-step instructions. When a student makes a mistake, he is automatically given cues to correct it.

Most certainly, technology has helped students in their learning journey. He says, “Personally, I think that the experience that children gain in using technology is very important, but it is often overlooked by providers and parents. The experience should be engaging, educational, and enriching.”

Given the chance, Gabriel would also like the opportunity to work on projects in informal education. He ends, “I would also like to reach out and help those who are less privileged and deprived of proper education.”

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