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are your children ready for the admission examination?

A few days ago, my wife and I talked about our children’s education. Particularly, with Gelo’s academic problem. We’re so worried with Gelo’s school standing lately. During his first year in high school, his grades went down and hardly made it in the line of eighty. My eldest son Gelo used to have good grades before, because my wife still have time to tutor him during weekends and after coming home from work. Now Thea will be going to school this coming June, we’re worrying how to squeeze our time for our children, since our works now require more of our time. These really concern us both; we want our children to be able to finish college with good grades and be prepared to the challenges of the future. That’s why we’re planning to get a tutor for them so that someone will be able to assist them with their studies.

Ms. Chi Achacoso

Ahead’s Parent Orientation Invitation

Last Tuesday, I was invited to attend a short parent orientation about the value of children’s  college education. It was held at Ahead Review and Tutorial Center along Kalayaan Ave. at the Fort. I’m so glad I was invited because I realized that, most of the top ranking international companies only hire graduates from the top universities in the country. According to Ms. Chi Achacoso  these are graduates coming from universities that bares the colors¦ Blue, Maroon, Green only. I already knew she was pertaining to the following schools: Blue for Ateneo University, Maroon for UP (University of the Philippines) and Green for the De La Salle University. Yes, it sounds a little bias I said to myself but it’s the truth. Ms. Chi discussed to us, the importance of graduating from these top universities. Yes, we do dreamed our children will finish college on one of these universities, and I believe premier college education will give them a better future and getting better chances of landing a good job.But she asked us, are your children ready for the admission examination?

The college admission test is the most important exam

Why review?

Ms. Chi said. She explained that these three top schools prepare Extremely Competitive Exams. The college admission test is the most important exam, student will take in their lives. Because they can take it only once and unlike employment, bar or board exams – there is no repeat. Furthermore, based on her ratio presented; out of 100,000 students who took the exams only 10% of them will pass. She also discussed how the review should be done, and why should parent should seek professional help to make sure that their children are prepared.Then she introduced to us AHEAD, I was impressed with the methods applied by the AHEAD Review and Tutorial Center to their students. They said, they always give the right preparation for the right exam. Students may cover and review on their own, the whole topic about math for two months but still not be thoroughly prepared for the algebra exam. They train their students how to take the actual exams thru simulation and diagnostic exams. They will only practice and prepare for the exam the will be taking.


AHEAD is on of the most admired brands in the country

When is the right time to prepare our kids for the College Admission Test?

After the discussion, Ms. Rossana Llenado President of AHEAD Review and Tutorial Center open-up the floor for questions. I have question in-mind but she accidentally answered it from another question from one of the parents.  I would like to ask her… When would be the right time to prepare for the College Admission Test? She answered, A year before the actual exam would be a right and convenient time for the review. This will the student to practice more about the exam and eliminate cramming as well.” She also added that we are assured that their student will be trained by qualified lecturers coming only from these three (3) top universities. Impressive isn’t it? That’s why I will not hesitate to save some money for the review when my son Gelo reach 3rd Year. So what do you think?

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