The last examination of the year could mean different things for students.

It could mean a frantic final push to the end before finally getting a much-needed vacation, or a life-altering event that can redefine your child’s future. As parents, we have to realize that for our children, especially those who are graduating their senior high school, the final exams could mean so much more than their last hurdle before summer vacation.

For students who are struggling with their academics, their final exam would be critical. The results of their performance will either make them or break them. Students on the honor roll would also need to do well in order to solidify their academic rankings and secure their spot for scholarships and entry into top universities. Either way, the test would be a deal breaker for any kind of student.

On top of that, the test would also be the last chance to push their overall grades up. Colleges and universities also factor in high school grades when it comes to admission. For example, the University of the Philippines assesses students based on 40% of their high school grades and 60% of their scores in the U.P. College Admission Test (UPCAT). Thus, having good grades in high school will boost their chances in getting into the best universities in the Philippines.

Given that, we as parents have to do our part in supporting our child’s dream.

Now armed with this information, we can choose to be proactive in preparing our children for their final exams.  We can personally supervise our child’s review by checking if they’re cooperating with their tutors, and by making sure that they’re eating the right food for their mental and physical health. This kind of hands-on support is an excellent way of letting our child know that we believe in their capabilities and support them 100%. Taking the time to explain to them why good grades matter and instilling in them a desire to do well is the most definite way of overcoming this hurdle and making their dreams come true.

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