resolutionsThe good thing about the new year is that you can start all over again. You may have dragged your feet starting your science project or finishing your reading list last year, but the new year gives you another opportunity to begin anew. Here, we list down ten resolutions which you might want to commit to this 2016.

  1. I shall turn off my phone and social media accounts while studying.

    You had planned on working on your English essay for two hours, but at the same time, you’re answering text messages, chatting on Viber, and looking over your Facebook feed. Before you know it, two hours have passed by and you’ve only written down two paragraphs. Avoid all these distractions so you can focus on the task at hand.

  2. I shall kiss cramming goodbye.

    How often have you put off studying for the quarterly exams, or any exam for that matter, until the very last minute? Often enough. In 2016, resolve to be a better student by planning your study schedule so that you have ample time to review for upcoming quizzes and exams. Cramming is not an effective means of studying as you are not likely to remember everything you went through in a short span of time. Advance learning is they key to eliminating cramming.

  3. I shall go to class on time.

    This is very important. You might say to yourself, “What could I possibly miss in 10 minutes? Well, a lot actually. Your teacher might already be giving important material or giving homework instructions. You can’t always depend on a classmate to tell you everything. You have to rely on yourself. So fix your calendar and come to class on time.

  4. I shall go to class prepared.

    Showing up for class is one thing, attending a class prepared is quite another. If there were pages assigned to be read beforehand, make sure you have gone through them so that you can actively participate in the discussion. Go to class with a clear head. Put away all nagging thoughts on the backburner and focus only on the lessons being taught, the questions being asked, and the issues being raised.

  5. I shall experiment with different study strategies.

    If you’ve only been using one studying technique all these years, then perhaps a change is in order. A bit of experimentation wouldn’t hurt especially if the results are favorable. You might want to try making mind maps, for example, to organize your notes and reviewers.

  6. I shall not be afraid to ask for help.

    If you need help in understanding difficult lessons, writing winning essays, or other aspects of academic improvement, you might want to sign up for tutorial sessions with AHEAD Tutorial and Review. Our tutors, who are not only exemplary in their teaching skills but young and friendly too, can steer you towards good study habits, leading you to earning better grades for a truly happy new year!

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