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“My dream is to be able to support my child’s dream.”

Just like any other parent my dream is to be able to support my child’s dream. The child in the photo is our 3 year old Adrianne Marie Therse Pagaspas. Her nick name is Adee and at the moment when you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up she’ll proudly tell you that she wants to be a doctor.

I’m sure ask her that same question next week, next month or even next year her answer would change but as a parent it is my job to enable her with options and give her tools that will help her achive her goals and the best way to do that is to educate her.

We enrolled Adee at a small school in our building when she was 2 years old and she totally loved it. She finished Nursery at the age of 3 years old.This school year she is enrolled in Junior Casa. We are going to have her tested for Junior Kinder in Assumption College.

To help give her a competitive advantage we enrolled in an Easy Math Program also located in our building. Because I believe that you really have to start the foundation while your kids are still young.

I was glad to be invited to visit a Ahead Tutorial & Review Center which was somewhere in The Fort.

As a parent I have to admit that the fact that eventually I will need to review Adrianne and help her with projects and homeworks  the like is already stressing me out. I was really very impressed with what Ahead Tutorial and Review  has to offer.

An impressive method that sets AHEAD apart from the rest is that they do implement the diagnostic exams as soon as you enroll your child for any of there programs which lets the child and the parents know where the childs strenghts and weakness lie.

I totally agree with them when they said that the child will only be able to take the the test only once so they really have to be prepared. Ahead thought of that too and now they also offer the simulated exam which are patterned on the actual college entrance test. So when the proper college entrance test comes, it’s your child’s third take since he/she has been taking it during his/her AHEAD review. No longer will there be any surprises during the tests and no longer will your child say the center did not prepare them for the test

Ms. Rossana Llenado , AHEAD’s President, honestly said that the instructors that they hire should come from the top 3 schools that they offer for review. It totally made sense because the teachers who never went to those 3 schools will not be able to relay their experiences to the students. I think that the sharing of the experience is also a very important part of learning.

I really stress the importance of enrolling your kids in a reliable and reputable center. Make an investment for your children’s future do it with Ahead Tutorial and Review Center.

Ms. Rossana Llenado

There are a lot plans in the very distant future for Ahead Tutorial and Review such as the Ahead Interactive.
To discuss it very briefly interactive, real-time online programs give best results because they’re dynamic and highly engaging. Students see, hear, and text-chat with their teachers, making each session a truly live experience.

Ahead Interactive guarantees the undivided attention of an online teacher. AI maintains the same standards that AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center has been known for all these years, hiring only the most qualified and dedicated instructors to help students and professionals online.

Enroll your kids in Ahead Tutorial and Review to give them the edge and advantage that they deserve.  Thanks so much for a very enlightening and informative discussion.


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