You can never say it often enough. Mom is our first teacher. She taught us things that matter even when we were in her womb. We heard her soft, soothing voice telling us to be good while she stoked her blossoming belly.

She played the masterpieces of Mozart and Chopin loud enough for our developing ears to hear. The regular rhythm made our brain cells grow faster; the musical cadence made us sense that the universe has a pace of its own.

The minute we left her womb, dear Mom taught us how to love by cooing to us and making funny faces at us. She coaxed the first words out of our little mouths by telling us how her day went, reading to us, and surrounding us with loved ones who made sure we were part of the conversation.

Mom taught us how to walk by gently holding our little hands and making sure we don’t fall as we took our first few halting steps. She taught us how to love reading by telling us stories from colorful picture books and pointing out important words to us.

When we entered school, she patiently sat down with us as we asked her questions about math and science, and anything and everything that bother us about our school. That’s how we passed those dreadful subjects.

Mom continued to teach us as we went on to Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and other subjects that threatened to tear our brains apart. In between, she reminded us to say thank you, sorry, and please. She drilled in us the value of hard work, discipline, honesty, respect, integrity, and fear of God.  She lovingly built our characters not only by telling us, but by showing us.

Mom kept the house spic and span because it teaches us the importance of cleanliness. She greeted family and friends on their birthday, anniversaries, and other special occasions because it teaches us to be thoughtful. Mom knows that we learn best by following a good example. And so she makes sure she is one.

Mom may not have an education degree to qualify as a professional teacher.  But she is, in more ways than one. She is our first and most important teacher. All the teachers after her fail in comparison because she tempers her words with love and tender loving care, anytime, anywhere.

On Mother’s Day, let’s go to our best teacher and show her that her efforts to teach us have borne fruit. A simple thank you will do the trick. After all, that’s what she taught us to say. It’s time we show her that we have been listening all along.


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