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Give your child the gift of dreams.

School breaks are good. Whether that comes in the form of a two-day respite like the weekend or an extended one such as summer vacation, breaks help students recharge, preparing them to take on the next challenge. But even on breaks, reviews and refresher sessions are important so a student stays updated on schoolwork.

The smart parent knows that kids need to stay abreast with current school work rather than slow down and get stressed trying to catch up. Parents who want academic consistency for their children have an ally in tutorial and review centers like Ahead Tutorial and Review Center. Ahead not only prepares children for regular tests, it also plugs any learning gaps from the classroom. It can also prime students for high school entrance exams as well as the highly competitive college entrance tests.

Choose Wisely

In response to parents growing demand to secure for their children the best possible future, review and tutorial centers are now almost everywhere. Parents should thus be cautious when choosing the right review center for their children. Here are 10 points that parents should consider.

  1. It should have a proven track record. There should be measurable evidence of the center’s effectiveness such as a passers list of students that successfully hurdled entrance exams.
  2. It must have test-based review programs. These are tests patterned after specific college entrance tests. If there are 50 topics in Algebra, for example, only the 10 most probable topics for the Ateneo College Entrance Test will be reviewed.
  3. It should anchor its programs on doing. “Learning by doing” is the most effective learning method with the highest yield on retention.
  4. It must have diagnostics tests for your child. They help to determine exactly what your child needs.
  5. The review center should have test simulations. These will give your child a chance to experience very similar circumstances to the real exams.
  6. The review center should have well researched and tested educational materials.
  7. The teaching staff should be top-notch. Ask about their standards for choosing lecturers and tutors. A young teaching staff also helps, as they may connect with your child more effectively.
  8. Review assistants are a plus, should the review center have some helping out. They can provide invaluable support to your child since they know what your child is going through, being students themselves.
  9. Orientation seminars for both parents and students should be held to give everyone an overview of the programs. It is also a chance for parents to meet each other and share their concerns with each other.
  10. Refresher courses should be an available option should your child wish for the benefit of going through the review again, but in an abbreviated way. It’s best if they can give you a refresher course right before the exams.

Ahead Tutorial and Review Center passes this checklist with flying colors. It is the country’s leading and most awarded educational service provider. Ahead also enjoys a certain loyalty from its satisfied clientele. It is not uncommon to hear of parents who chose Ahead Tutorial and Review for their children from as early as preschool and all the way to college. Such faithfulness toward Ahead is indicative of the trust bestowed by satisfied parents. It is also notable that a number of Ahead’s former students come back to join the tutorial and lecture team. Others return as review assistants.

Ahead works!

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