Help Your Kids Prepare for Tests

In order for your child to do well in school, he needs your constant support especially before and during exam week. Help him prepare for this school ritual by keeping the following suggestions in mind:

1.  A healthy body makes for a sound mind, so be sure your child eats nutritious meals and gets adequate sleep every day.

2.  Talk to your child about the importance of never missing a class. Being absent for even just one day might contribute to his falling behind on his lessons. However, if your child cannot attend school, ask the teacher for any assignments he might have missed, and help your child accomplish said assignments on time.

3.  Take a serious interest in his studies. Go over his homework. Answer his questions. Attend parent-teacher conferences and school events. Show him that his education is important to you.

4.  Give him a quiet space to study. You need not provide him with an entire room; a well-lit corner in his bedroom would do fine as long as it is equipped with the necessary materials and gadgets for study.

5.  Instill a love for reading in your child. Give him access to fun, age-appropriate reading materials. Read together. Let him see you reading as well. Students with a high proficiency in reading are more likely to do well in school.

6.  Discuss with him the advantages of reviewing a few weeks before the actual exam as against cramming the night before. Cite your own experiences.

7.  Remind your child to listen and follow instructions carefully during exams.

8.  If you feel that your child needs more help in reviewing, enlist the help of professional tutors. AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center offers one-on-one tutorials to help your child prepare for his exams.

9.  Let him take a mental break. If he’s been studying hard all week long, take him out for a few hours. Dine at his favorite restaurant. Let him chill with his friends. He needs to relax too!

10. Be your child’s biggest fan! Believe in his abilities, and encourage him to do his best!

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