There will always be students who are apprehensive when it comes to learning. This is most common with students who have made mistakes before and who are afraid to commit the same mistakes again. Sometimes, it is connected to the personality of the student or it may even due a learning disorder such as dyslexia. Due to this, the lack of enthusiasm to learn may impede their academic improvement later on and if this becomes a habit, it may be harder to fix. However, this can still be remedied while the child is still young. Here are a couple of tips and information to alleviate the fear of young anxious learners.

Ask Questions with No Wrong Answers

You can usually ask for observations. By asking so, you can help the child reach the conclusion and help them learn. Eventually they will get the hang of it. Using this method, the child makes fewer mistakes and  learns how to solve problems properly.

Downplay Mistakes

Children get discouraged if they make a lot of mistakes so you have to make the child realize that mistakes are part of learning. Sit them down and talk about how mistakes are part of learning and practice makes perfect. They should be able to see that if you review and get back up, you end up being stronger. Being there and being encouraging make all the difference. This is absolutely needed for children with learning disabilities since they make mistakes more often.

Share Your Anxiety

Let the child know that even as an adult, you get anxious as well and that you commit mistakes. Be concrete and share an actual experience. The child usually feels like an outsider when people around them get the right answer and they get it wrong, thus, making them feel left out. By showing them that it’s normal for them to feel that way, they’ll feel less anxious about learning.



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