upcat refresher poster 2014 v1Last July 13, AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center conducted the first of three UPCAT refresher programs for the year 2014. Students trooped to the SM Megatrade Conference Hall to prepare themselves for the upcoming University of the Philippines College Admissions Test (UPCAT) with the help of the best tutorial and review center in the country. The students came from all points of the metro; some from as far away as Tuguegarao.

AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center’s UPCAT Refresher Course aims to give students a rundown of the lessons they learned over the summer and at the same time, provide time-tested tips and tricks from expert lecturers.

The refresher is essentially a lighter take on the review. By going over subjects as a big group, students are able to learn effectively while still having a little bit of fun. They were able to brush up their knowledge in Math, Science, English, and Filipino while the lecturers kept everybody entertained with games, jokes, and quirky tips.

Taking college entrance exams can be very stressful for young students; having someone encourage, motivate, and help them go through the process can make a big difference. AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center hopes to be that difference for all of its students.

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