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AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center shares some strategies that can help you do well on Ateneo’s entrance exams:

1. Prepare yourself for the test. Get enough sleep, eat right (brain food and chocolates before the test!), and positively condition your mind. You’ve studied and reviewed weeks before, so you are more than ready. It’s time to motivate yourself that you can do it.

2. Read to succeed. ALWAYS read all instructions carefully, and follow them accordingly. Not following instructions will make your answers invalid. Make sure the necessary information on the test booklet and answer sheets are filled correctly.

3. Learn to guess intelligently. Look for the most logical answers by first eliminating all the wrong options. For instance, for the language proficiency, trust your eye for grammar. Read and understand the meaning of the sentence; if something strikes you as an obvious mistake, but you can’t explain the grammar rule governing it, remember that you just need to find the correct equivalent of the word. Meanwhile, for Math problems, use the “back-solve the problem” method, by choosing the answer and plugging it into the problem and see if it fits!

4. Give a concise, coherent, and meaningful essay. The writing section of the ACET tests your ability to synthesize and organize your thoughts on a particular topic, as well as, how mature and sophisticated is your stance. Give a clear and direct-to-the-point essay that reflects what you know and what you think of things.

5. Budget time, pace yourself, and work fast. Bring your analog watch to help you keep track of time and your progress. Work quickly on the topics you have mastered well, but without being rash and careless. When you encounter a difficult question, skip it, and move on to easier ones.; go back to it with the remaining time. The more answers you are sure of, the higher the probability of getting points.

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