For some students, the rainy season is also vacation season.


Have you ever explored your public library? The National Library in Manila contains more than just books but also artifacts, archival documents, video and audio repositories which will make you gasp! They even have a piece of Rizal’s bone hidden in a vault. If you’re nearer Quezon City, you can check the University of the Philippines Library, which admits even non-students for a nominal fee. If you’re an alumnus, take time to register and you get free admission right away. Find books that will capture your imagination. Discover stories you have wanted to live all along. Check the basement to stock up on a good local novel or a book on long lost Pinoy recipes!


Figure 2: Dancing can be more exciting than the photo above. Learn something new.

Select a score of catchy songs on your audio system and turn up the volume! Fun guaranteed! Jiggling doesn’t only get you fit, but it will also make you feel happier.  So, sway those hips and chase away the blues.



  1. TRY A NEW RECIPEfood 1

Figure 3: Try making this Ecuadorian Ceviche, the Latin American equivalent of the Kinilaw.

The new season also calls for new flavors. Try a new recipe with your family. Get out the ingredients, look for new flavors, and make a crawl for exotic ones at the nearby supermarket. Need an idea? Try out some Latin American recipes. It’s just like Filipino food but with a twist.

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