studyyEvery year, thousands of high school seniors troop to the country’s leading universities with one important mission: pass the college entrance exam. For almost two decades now, AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center has witnessed this yearly exodus with much anticipation. As the country’s best review center, AHEAD has helped countless students get ready for this all-important test.

Are you taking the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT) this weekend? Here, AHEAD lecturers list down five things that can help you pass the UPCAT with flying colors.

  1. mapKnow exactly where you’ll be taking the test. On the big day, all you want to have on your mind is the test itself so be prepared. If you still don’t know where or how to get to your test venue, get moving now. Ask your friends. Do your research. Better yet, check out the test venue today. Knowing exactly where you’re supposed to go will set your mind at ease, making you more confident about taking the test.
  2. relaxRelax the day before. Forget about studying and do whatever you want. Watch a movie, eat your favorite meal, or catch up on your favorite TV series. Keep yourself in a good and positive mood. Be sure to sleep early so that you get your eight hours of shuteye.
  3. dressDon’t dress to impress. Yes, you are bound to bump into an acquaintance or two, but don’t dress for them. Dress for yourself. Wear the most comfortable outfit you have that’s appropriate for your venue. If the test venue is air-conditioned, bring a jacket. If it isn’t, wear pants to make sure you don’t get pestered by flies. Bring a fan too, just in case it gets hot.
  4. timeManage your time. There are certain items in every college entrance test that are harder to answer than others, especially in math and science. Skip these items and just go back to them later. Mark these items so you don’t get confused with the numbering.
  5. xDon’t just guess. Guessing is a common way to answer questions when it comes to topics you haven’t encountered before. However, there are a number of techniques that will make your guesses a lot more accurate than just plain guessing. One of these techniques is eliminating choices that are obviously not the correct answer. This will increase your chances of potentially guessing the right answer. Remember, guessing is a skill. Read the question carefully; the answer may already be in the question.

Taking the college entrance exam can be a nerve-wracking experience as it will basically pave the way for your future. Relax. Give it your best, and trust the preparation you’ve made these past few months. Good luck!

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