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Law school is not easy. While a law degree offers great rewards, the process of acquiring one may be a challenge. Given the intense workload and terror professors, law school is sure to break your sanity if you do not come prepared. For the aspiring lawyers out there, here are some helpful tips on how to survive a law school:

Read, read and read.

Law school is not law school without the mountain of readings. More or less, assigned readings will be given every week: some of these are short articles and some are books, which you are expected to finish from cover to cover. During your free time, have the self-discipline to do your readings. Pace yourself and learn to read in advance to avoid readings from piling up.

Build confidence in speaking.

If you’re the type of person who’s too shy to recite in class, then it’s time to change your ways. Most law school professors expect you to actively participate in class discussions. In most cases, class recitation is mandatory and is a component of your final grade. Speaking up and sharing opinions help you to be more confident. After all, lawyers must be good at public speaking.

Stay strong.

Some law professors are notorious for being ruthless. We often hear stories about students being yelled at for failing to answer a question / accomplish a requirement. There are even existing professors who actually do their best to make you cry. When faced with that kind of professor, you have to remember that the yelling is just part of their training process. It’s not personal. By consistently doing well in his or her class, the least you can do is to impress your professor.

Utilize review materials.

Supplementary review materials can help you gain a clearer understanding of certain topics. Over the Internet and in the bookstore are a plethora of review materials at your disposal. These review materials will come in handy, especially for the Bar exams which you are expected to take during the tail end of your years in law school. What’s good about these commercial review materials is that they’re cherry-picked to contain the most relevant topics, A.K.A. topics that are most likely to come up in exams.

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