Parents Seminar

One of the ways AHEAD is different from others is that we make sure not only students but also parents are guided on how to go about the review process.

Aside from the students orientation, AHEAD also invites parents to attend a parents seminar where they are informed about the ways they can support their child in his/her preparation for college admission tests. The seminar also allows them to gain insights in helping their child make the right college decisions.

Here are what some parents think of AHEAD’s Parents Seminar:


Question: Do you think you made the right decision to attend today’s Parents Seminar? How was it helpful?

We were able to get the tips and “tricks” on how to review and prepare them for the exam.” – Che Ramirez

Yes, it’s indeed helpful and we will know how my son have to deal with regarding his review class.” – Rosalia Lim Huang

Yes, gives me an idea of how am I to be of help to my son.” – Josephine Malco

Yes, it clears some issues re college entrance exam.” – May Hernandez

Yes, arm up with important info on how we can help our child in achieving her goals.” – Lylee S. Reyes

Yes, because I’ve learned a lot. It’s not only review center and students but parents have their part to help.” – Gigi Leonardo

Yes, it was informative and helpful in giving tips and guidance.” – Roel and ThessDianito

It was really helpful. I learned what I can and have to do as a parent to help my son get into the country’s top universities.” – Jane Tolentino

I would recommend parents to attend AHEAD’s Parents Seminar. It would really guide you and inform you about things that most parents don’t know. It’s very comprehensive and I got to ask questions about my daughter’s education.” – Jeraldine Alejandro

I learned so many things when I attended the Parents Seminar. The speaker was very accommodating and the presentation itself was comprehensive.” – Larry Estrada

I learned things that I never would have learned anywhere else. AHEAD’s Parents Seminar is a must-attend for parents.” – Marissa Ramos