Getting into Ateneo is certainly “THE DREAM” to many students in the Philippines. For years, Ateneo has been one of the best schools in the country along with other universities such as the University of the Philippines, and De La Salle University. Students toil and review to try to get into these schools but of course, since these are the best of the best, getting in is no easy task.

Moreover, some say that getting into Ateneo is the hardest given the difficulty of the ACET. With the results of the ACET out, there is only one question in the minds of the student hopefuls: “Did I pass?”

There are three possible outcomes. Results will either be passed, failed (name not on the list), or waitlisted. The first two results are pretty self-explanatory but what does being waitlisted mean? Basically, it means that you are still in consideration depending on factors like the availability of slots in other courses you did not choose, and people who passed the ACET but decided not to pursue it any further. So what do you do when you are waitlisted?

Relax and take a breath

It is normal to panic when you see anything other than “passed” or “accepted” next to your name in instances like this. It may really be hard to accept something you worked so hard for only to fall short a little bit in the end. However, it is not yet the end. Stop and take a breather. Collect your thoughts and control your emotions. Once you are in the right mindset, set your sights on doing the next steps in order to be considered.

Write a well written appeal letter

This is not something you should take lightly. If you are deadset on studying in Ateneo then you should take the time and write a really good appeal letter. Being waitlisted means that you possess the academic acumen to get into the school but the officials are not sure of you yet. Given that, do everything in your power to convince them that you have what it takes. You have one shot at this so give it all you’ve got. Also, submit this as early as you can as submitting on the last day does not really speak well of you.

Follow the process and hope for the best

Ateneo will have a list of instructions on what to do if you are waitlisted. Follow them down to each letter and do take note of deadlines. Always submit everything as early as you can. Once you have done every possible step, all you can really do is wait. Waiting is really the hardest part in the process but remain positive. No matter the outcome, keep your head high, we know you did everything you can and no matter what others say, you will do great in the future. Believe in yourself and plan AHEAD.