He doesn’t talk much. When he does, it’s usually a yes, a no, or a grunt. But fathers are so special that we can’t imagine a world without them.

Who will put food on the table? Who will send us to the best school and give our allowance? Who will drive us to the party? Even if he nags us no end about where we’re going and with whom, who else will make us feel loved not for who we are, but for what we are?

Yes, Dad may not hug or kiss us as often the way mom does, but you know that he loves you very much.

Sometimes, we may not see him as much as we want to, but we know he’s at the office, working hard for our future. Dad’s actions speak volumes. Otherwise, why will he go to all the trouble of worrying himself sick when we’re not yet home? Why will he replace that busted bulb in our room on his free day? Why will he cancel his appointments to watch us play a bit role in the school musical or attend a PTA meeting?

Dad may be harassed at the office. He may have deadlines to meet, clients to see, and people to negotiate with. But he lets them wait sometimes, just to be with us. Sure, those big deals are important. But we are far more valuable to him than any juicy contract.

At the end of the day, it is family that matters most to him. He knows that not all the money in the world can buy happiness and love at home. That’s why he always returns to his family, no matter how many friends he has, or how many business associates he deals with.

Dad may be a top executive in a multinational firm or a well-respected man in his profession, but he knows all these achievements can vanish in one flick of a finger. Fate has a way of playing tricks, even on the best of us.

Dad knows money, position, and power don’t last forever. Family does. That’s why his real treasure, the one he will always cherish, is us.

He doesn’t have to say it out loud. He just shows it, and we follow like sheep, happy that we are protected and loved.

That’s what makes Dad special this Father’s Day, and every day of the year.

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