In this day and age of two-income families, parents no longer have the time and energy to sit down with their children after a hard day at the office to tutor them.

It doesn’t mean they love their children less. After all, they’re working hard to send their little one to the best school money can afford. But Dad and Mom are not Superman and Superwoman. They need to reserve their energies for the next day’s work.

Besides, what they knew back in college is no longer sufficient. Knowledge grows in leaps and bounds. And even the most well-meaning parent may scratch his head at the sight of their children’s assignments nowadays.

That’s why some parents regard tutors as some sort of a rescuer from their own tight schedule, their child’s academic woes, health problems, et cetera.

Even an honor student needs a tutor to maintain his excellent class standing.

A student who wants to get into the college, school or university of his choice also needs extra help.

Here’s where Ahead Tutorial and Review can be of service. It has different packages to suit every need.

Its one-on-one and small group tutorial programs ensure that your child receives undivided attention and care. He’s assigned a tutor who matches his personality and requirements. The customized tutorial programs let your child learn at a pace he’s comfortable and happy with.



As the name implies, this package is tailor-made for a child who may already be an honor student, but wants to excel even further. This program puts him on the road to even higher academic achievement.


This package is for the child who has not been failing, but still needs assistance to make sure he stays on the path to academic success.


This intensive program is designed to help a child in danger of failing a subject get out of his academic rut.


This package is for the child who has failed some of his subjects and needs all the help he can get. It will help improve his grades at the shortest possible time.

Your child can avail of the one-on-one, two-on-one, three-in-one or group package in the grade school and high school level.

Tutoring may last from 20 to 60 hours.

The college package, on the other hand, is available on a one-on-one or two-on-one basis. Both are available in five-hour packages each.

Education is an investment. And so getting a tutor for your child is a wise move. Not only will it increase his knowledge by leaps and bounds, it will also raise his chances of having a bright future through quality education.

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