Reading, whether on a tablet or an actual paperback book, is essential for our development. However, no matter what age, some kids may experience some struggles when it comes to reading. There are a lot of reasons that both parents and teachers may come up with why a child is actually struggling to read a book. However, there are also a lot of possible solutions that can lead to academic improvement. Here are some pieces of advice and additional information from AHEAD Tutorial and Review that can help the struggling reader.

Get them tested

Dyslexia is now a common reading disorder that, more often than not, goes unnoticed. Dyslexic kids experience reading differently since the letters gets all jumbled up in their heads, thus, making reading very frustrating for them since none of the words make sense. However, there are now various methods to help people with dyslexia. Getting your child tested would not hurt and could possibly pinpoint the problem.

Put a time limit

Some kids get ultimately bored with reading. It is as simple as that. They would rather play outside or watch something than pick up a book and read. Putting a time limit on reading would make things more of a habit. By doing something frequently in short amounts of time, the child will eventually get used to things even if they consider it to be boring initially. They may even grow fond of it eventually.

Start small

Task completion is very different from learning. The point of reading is to learn from the material while task completion just requires you to finish reading. Even older students may fall victim to this. Encourage kids to do what they can first. Let them set their limit. Eventually, when things get easier, they can challenge themselves to be better set the bar higher.

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