Jerome SadudaquilAfter having passed the chemist licensure exams, Airah Osonio and Jerome Sadudaquil discover that passion and hard work are key to achieving their dreams.

Waiting for the results of an examination could be agonizing, especially when you’re talking about something as important as the Chemist Licensure Exam. After all, the outcome would be life-changing whether you make it or not.

Jerome SadudaquilTrue enough, it changed the lives of Airah Osonio and Jerome Sadudaquil, who both took, and passed, the Chemist Licensure Exam last September 2014. “My review was very tedious, and I remember that for months, my roommates and I would give up precious hours of sleep just to make sure we wouldn’t have regrets after the board. Now I can finally say everything was worth it. It’s very fulfilling,” says Airah, a chemistry graduate at the Ateneo de Manila University.

For Jerome, a biochemistry graduate at the University of the Philippines in Manila, waiting for the outcome made him feel anxious. “This was even prolonged when the supposed three-day waiting period extended to nine days. On the day I got the results, I jumped and shouted like a crazy man. I felt overwhelmed by the greetings,” exclaims Jerome.

Aira OsonioAira OsonioAirah and Jerome are both tutors at AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center, the best tutorial and review center in the country. Jerome joined last year, after his classmates who also work as tutors suggested that he apply. “It was flexible in terms of the work schedule, so that I could review for the exam and work at the same time,” says Jerome, who handles math and science subjects for grade school and high school students, and chemistry for college students.

Airah has been with AHEAD for six months, assigned to tutor two students under the Homeschool Support Program. “The experience itself was new, and in a way, interesting for me. My experience improved my abilities in lesson and time management,” she shares.

Jerome says that he has learned a lot from his daily encounters with his students. “I learned how to handle and adjust myself with the varying behaviors and attitudes of each student. The thought of being a teacher was slowly growing in my head as I developed an approach in tutoring. This approach proved to be useful to the students, especially when I hear their feedback on their performance,” he says.

As licensed chemists, Airah and Jerome are now on the road to pursuing their career aspirations. Airah will start her masters degree at the University of the Philippines-Diliman in 2015. “I want to be knowledgeable not only in concept but as well as in the practical application of my field to contribute to the country’s progress, especially in the field of sciences,” says Airah, who also plans to obtain a doctorate in Chemistry/Materials Engineering and work in a university setting where she can do two things she loves: teaching and research.

Jerome is keen on pursuing a law degree or a masters degree in biochemistry. “Traveling has also been a key prospect. I want to visit each of the 81 provinces in the country and travel outside the country,” he adds. He lives by the motto of German physician Robert Koch: “Nunquam otiosus,” which means “never idle.”

Indeed, things are looking up for our brand new chemists!

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