Recession continues to be the buzzword of 2009.  As Overseas Filipinos are being sent back home and companies are downsizing, families are tightening their belts as well –  but at what cost?

Families continue to spend for the barest necessities, including food, water, shelter, clothes, and the like, but have foregone other

Every hour of the day and every day of the week, your child is learning. Learning never stops in a child’s life –  it is ongoing throughout their formidable years. Therefore, parents should continue to think about their child’s education to make sure their child has a bright future. Children should also continue to be involved in some form of education even after the end of each school year while the child is waiting for the next school year to start.

Continuous Learning

Summer Enrichment programs at AHEAD Tutorial & Review prepare your child for the upcoming school year. Summer reading programs are so important to the continued education of the child’s educational development. AHEAD’s focus is on the continued development of the child’s education from preschool to graduate school level by providing educational services that would give the child the advantage over their peers and classmates. And so, AHEAD provides a head start for the student over their competition. With technology bringing all countries closer and the economies of industrialized countries around the world in chaos. It is even more important now than ever before that a quality education is provided for your child to be able to survive and compete in such an inter-global world market. Enrichment programs and courses are the path that every smart parent should take in educating their children. With such preparation it will allow the child the ability to prosper in this ever increasing world of applicants that are very intelligent and well knowledgeable in their areas of specialty as well as other areas of studies.

Going to College

For the best interest of the child, parents should always keep in mind that the direction for their child’s education should be in the direction of attending one of the three top universities in the Philippines which are the University of the Philippines, Ateneo or De La Salle.  AHEAD provides for the child a better understanding of their lessons as well as self-confidence that will motivate the child in the classroom and toward continued learning so that the child will be able to enter those top universities. But more importantly than that, it allows the child to graduate and excel in their career as one of the top employees in their company which is the reason why UP, Ateneo and De La Salle are considered the top three universities in the country and among the top 500 universities in the world because they have the same philosophy as AHEAD which is to bring out of the child their best with continued learning and preparation for not just living in this country but also our competitive world market. The REALITY is that SMART PARENTS will give their child every opportunity to be successful in this country and world by enrolling their child in AHEAD to learn to speak English well; to gain better preparation and knowledge of their school’s lessons and studies; to prepare for entry exams into preschools all the way up to the top universities in this country as well as the world and to prepare for such exams as the Scholastic Aptitude Test for US-based colleges, law aptitude exam, IELTS, TOEFL, PEP test and many others.

The Philippines is a very competitive market for any employment like all the other countries around the world. Smart parents must provide the enrichment programs and courses that will give their child the best opportunities this country and the world have to offer to be a productive and successful citizen of the Philippines and the world.

It is not a cost, but an investment!

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