Rainy Season

Figure 1: Siargao is recognized in the international surfing circuit.

Figure 1: Siargao is recognized in the international surfing circuit.

The rainy season normally begins in June and ends in October. But in recent years, it appears to have shifted. It now begins instead in July and ends in early December. On normal days during this season, it usually rains for half an hour and then the sun will reappear.

The season we call “summer” starts in March and ends in June. The long school holidays also occur during this period. It usually runs from late March to early June. But since the calendar of the top UAAP schools shifted, the vacation season has moved from late May to September. It then falls right into the rainy season. If you’re looking to be more productive during this season of lull and cuddle, here are some ideas for you.

Aside from the occasional knee-deep flood in parts of the Metro, you might love driving around and seeing a cleaner city glisten. In areas where there are lots of green, you can also certainly smell that distinct fragrance that comes along with the drizzle.

Some storms do not last very long. The best thing to enjoy about long roadtrips are the stops by the road side. You can enjoy different types of pancit or longganisa, a cold drink, or even the variety of fresh fruits during this season.

If you have time to visit the rest of the archipelago, the prices are lowest during the rainy season. There are also attractive promos on other modes of transport.

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