Helping young individuals achieve their academic dreams is at the core of AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center’s corporate mission. Aside from the success of AHEAD’s College Entrance Test Review Program, which has helped thousands of students get into their university of choice, its personalized tutorial program has been an effective way to reach its goals.

“One of the reasons why students come for tutorials is that they cannot understand their lessons in school,” explains Kristine Tria, AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center area manager. In a one-on-one tutorial, the student has the tutor’s undivided attention. Every question is answered and each topic explained, making everything clear to the student. The program also provides an avenue for students to work on their lessons in advance.

Because the tutors understand the learning styles of their students, the young ones are taught appropriate techniques to help them grasp complicated or confusing concepts. In the process, they acquire good study habits, making them even better learners.

She says, “It’s a very personal approach. We customize the sessions based on the student’s needs.”

Every student enrolled in the tutorial program takes a Diagnostic Test. The test pinpoints his strengths and weaknesses, and a tutoring program is developed according to his goals and needs. His progress his closely monitored to assure improved scholastic performance.

“We monitor the student’s academic growth through the Student Progress Report, which we give to the parents from the first day of the tutorials, until the end of the program,” says Virna Reyes, AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center area manager. The report also includes a behavioral assessment.

Both Tria and Reyes believe in the effectiveness of the One-on-one Tutorial Program, experiencing it firsthand as area managers and seeing it in their daily interactions with students.

“Through our program, students showed improvement in their grades. I remember a student who transferred to another tutorial because the rate is lower than ours. After a month, the student returned to AHEAD. According to her, she preferred the one-on-one tutorial than the group tutorial,” Tria recalls.

“Another student enrolled in AHEAD when he was on his first year of high school. He was an average student in school. His parents wanted him to maintain his grades, but he eventually surpassed expectations and excelled. He even made it to the top section! His parents were very thankful to us,” shares Reyes.

AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center believes individual attention given during a private tutoring session is invaluable and necessary when it comes to classroom performance. AHEAD also believes in offering its students “over and above” support in order for them to achieve academic success. Students definitely see progress.

Zoe Oliveros needed guidance in Biology. “AHEAD has been very helpful,” says the 16-year-old student of Chinese International School Manila.

Kevin Tan, 15, a student from Xavier School, enrolled at AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center so he could study International Baccalaureate Math in advance. Attending the one-on-one tutorial was important to him so that he can have a head start on difficult topics that he couldn’t study on his own. The center was the one nearest his home, so he gave it a try.

He says, “AHEAD helped me in Math, and I can say that it did impact my life, since Math is an important subject in my studies. The program was really effective.”

You can get ahead in class too! Ask about AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center’s One-on-one Tutorial Program.

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