my favorite teacher

We can’t say it often enough. “The teacher plays a crucial role in the development not only of the student’s intellectual abilities, but also of his social and emotional skills.” Here, two students of AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center, the best tutorial and review center, share their best memories of their favorite mentors!

[su_quote cite=”Jerique Ong of AHEAD Galleria “]Usually, when somebody asks me about a favorite of mine, I would have to think about it for a long while; however, that is not the case with my favorite teacher. Although I have only known her for about half a school year, she would definitely be someone whom I would ask to write me a recommendation letter for college. She is very unique, and she is definitely someone you will remember.”

At the start of the school year, I expected the same thing: the usual subjects with the same teachers. When I got to third period, things started to get interesting, not in the way you would expect. She introduced herself as Ms. Hapin, our English Teacher. In the past few years I had in high school, I have been hearing her name. Therefore, I knew she was not a new teacher. She was of average height, maybe about 5 feet 4 inches, had a pixie cut, and had a very strong presence. She was somebody that I knew I would like. Almost immediately, she became my favorite teacher. She had a good sense of humor, understood our generation’s love for American TV series, but also enforced rules that only demanded us to give respect. Something that was striking about her was her simplicity and straightforwardness. These two characteristics may not seem amazing, but that was all it took for us to love her.

“In the past 12 years I have had in my school, I have had teachers come and go. Among these teachers, I would remember some of them. In a way, I think that I can identify their common denominator as I look back and think about them. This would be their simplicity. For me, that is very unique. So many teachers try their best to be over the top in order to impress their students, but what they fail to realize is that simplicity is the best way to gain respect and leave a good impression on the students. Thanks to Ms. Hapin, I realized that and for me that is something that goes beyond what the school teaches because it is a lesson that must be remembered even after high school or college.[/su_quote] [su_quote cite=”Chryss Bersabal of AHEAD Global“]My favorite teacher in AHEAD is Teacher Tanya. More than grammar, and whatever it is she’s assigned to teach me, the knowledge she imparts on me is quite amusing. We talk about all sorts of things, from my habit of eating fries every time I have a tutorial session to her being a little chubby despite the knowledge she has about working out and stuff like that. I just like her so much. We seem to be compatible. I am happy that she’s one of my tutors. And if I would be asked to tell her something, it would be this: “Ma’am Tanya, thank you for being a jolly tutor to me! My time here would be boring as I had expected if not for you. Thank you!””[/su_quote]

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