Kids look forward to the summer months because they can rest from school work and meet up with friends. But kids being kids, they’ll soon get bored with the long hours of just hanging out and will bug you about what to do next. Well, there’s a lot of stuff that your kids can pursue that would not only make them productive but also give them a sense of accomplishment. Here are some of them:

    • Help around the house. Sweeping the floor, cleaning the windows, or feeding the pet will not only make him feel useful.  It will also teach him responsibility and the value of helping others.


    • Get a summer job. How about babysitting a friend’s baby brother or sister or tutoring other teenagers who need help in their grades? It will not only be good for his pocket, it will also do wonders for your child’s self-esteem.


    • Enroll him in personality and skills enhancement classes. Does your child like dancing, singing, acting, baking, or cooking? Help him develop these skills through classes and workshops. He will learn something new and meet new friends too!


    • Take a summer enrichment class. Summer is the best time to do this since your child can focus on the subject he wants to review. There are no other subjects to clog his mind. There are no flashfloods to dampen his spirits. “The learning atmosphere in summer is more relaxed,” says Ahead Tutorial and Review Center president Rossana Llenado.


“Since summer enrichment programs are usually smaller than the ones in regular school, your child will get more personalized attention. He will learn more,” she adds.

Less pressure, less hassle! Best of all, your child ends up well-prepared for his college entrance tests as well as the avalanche of projects, papers, and other requirements of the coming school year.

Suggest these ideas to your child. Who knows? He may reward you with a peck on the cheek or a big, warm hug!

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