group study

In school, as in life, no man is an island.

Two heads are better than one. So when you hit a rough patch towards your goal of getting good grades, seek a friend’s help. The study buddy system works especially when you get a friend who knows more than you do in the problem subject. Agree on a regular schedule, be it sometime after class, during lunch breaks, or over the weekend.

One good tip is to get someone from the same class. He knows just what level of learning you’re in at a certain point. That person also knows the teacher’s style of discussing the subject, giving quizzes, and grading recitation sessions. In other words, you and your friend will start on the same page.

Experts at AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center also suggest preparing a list of questions or talking points for you and your study buddy to tackle. This saves a lot of studying time and effort. Since you’re learning with a friend, he won’t mind explaining a concept at length or answering a list of questions, however long they are.

In school, as in life, no man is an island.  You need friends to get that dream grade.

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