Most Filipinos are naturally bilingual, having been exposed to the Filipino and English languages since childhood. Some Filipinos can even add their dialects to the list of languages they know and that’s all good! Research has shown that bilingual children can solve problems faster and understand different concepts better. If you want to get the brain-boosting benefits of speaking different languages, sign up for lessons at AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center. The country’s leading tutorial and review center offers language tutorial lessons in Spanish, French, Japanese, and Mandarin, among others.

Whether you go for the widely-spoken Spanish or exotic-sounding Mandarin, here’s how learning a new language makes you smarter:

  • Learning a new language involves embracing new concepts. Dinner and hapunan may mean the 7 p.m. meal in English and Filipino, but for Spaniards, dinner (Cocena) might mean a 10 p.m. meal. Different languages represent different concepts, thus, learning a new language expands your knowledge. Try to compare and memorize vocabulary words in English, Filipino, and your new language to note similarities and differences.
  • Learning a new language gives your brain a workout. Learning a new language is brain exercise. Trying to learn another language is a complicated task that trains our brain to become sharper. Download an audio book in the language you’re learning. Don’t miss any of your foreign language classes at AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center. Read your favorite novel published in a different language, or talk to the exchange student from Spain in your class for practice.
  • Learning a new language improves your critical thinking skills. Children who know two or more languages score better on tests than those who only know one language. It could be because children who know more than just Filipino or English know and understand the different concepts represented in different languages, or they might have better comprehension.
  • Learning a new language can improve your grammar. Knowing another language can help you understand the different parts of speech better. Just like when you were learning the basics in English class back in grade school, when you learn a new language, you tend to take note of the parts of speech more, making you more conscious of your grammar.
  • Learning a new language will allow you to explore and appreciate other cultures better. You will be able to appreciate different cultures better during your travels when you know how to speak their language. Knowing a particular country’s native language helps when you go visit their museums, see their movies, or even have an interesting conversation with a local. Even knowing just enough to get by can help you get around with less hassle.

Yes, you can get smarter by learning a new language. Know more about AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center’s foreign language tutorials by e-mailing

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