Providing the best possible service is what AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center always works for. As the summer heat wave storms the country once again, all hands are on deck as AHEAD’s staff, tutors, and lecturers go through different types of training programs to prepare for the review season. These training programs were specifically designed not only to train newly hired employees, but also to hone the skills of the existing pool of exemplary tutors, lecturers, and staff.

AHEAD, the leading tutorial and review center in the country, continues its preparation for the summer season by making sure that everyone is ready and psyched up about the upcoming programs. Newly hired employees are prepped about everything there is to know about the college entrance test review program as well as all the other courses that AHEAD offers. The tutors underwent training to further level up their teaching skills, making sure they give the best service to our students. Lecturers are taught tips and techniques to further enhance their proficiency.

Registration is currently ongoing for AHEAD’s 2015 College Entrance Test Review Program and Summer Advancement Program. With AHEAD’s robust preparation, your child will definitely be given the best possible academic training. For more information, email

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