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Reviewing is tough with all the distractions brought on by electronic gadgets. While it’s true that electronic gadgets and computers are as essential as books in the digital age, they can also be addicting in a negative way. This is because of the multiple possibilities one can do with just a simple click.

How do you review effectively with all these gadgets and digital tools lying around? Here, tutors from AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center, share five things that every student should keep in mind:

  • Review ahead of schedule. Tests are announced days ahead for a reason: it gives you enough time to review. Grab this opportunity and don’t fall into the trap of cramming. Reviewing a little each day, leading up to the day, makes you relaxed and understand your lessons better. When cramming, you tend to resort to memorization. It’s always better to understand your lessons rather than just memorize them.
  • Turn off or keep gadgets away. Remember, you are reviewing what has already been taught. If you follow the first tip, you don’t have to consult the Internet. Your teacher is always available for any questions you might have.
  • Review with a group or with a professional tutor. Ask your classmates to have a group review session a few days before the exam. Being with a group helps you organize your thoughts, compare notes, confirm acquired additional information, and get assurance that you’re reviewing the correct topics. Reviewing with people you trust also helps you feel relaxed and confident. Some students, however, are not so keen on studying with large groups. In these instances, having one-on-one review sessions with a professional tutor might be more helpful. AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center’s tutors are not only experts in their fields, they also know how to adjust to a student’s learning style, making each review session effective
  • Do not open your social network accounts. If group review is not necessary or possible, trust yourself not to depend on your social network accounts. Sure, chatting online is just like talking to your classmates in person. But it also opens you to the possibility of getting distracted by all the photos, shout-outs, videos, and other things you see and read from your friends’ accounts. Before you know it, you’re already spending more hours chatting about trivial things than actually reviewing.
  • Sleep early. Wake up early. Keep yourself alert on the day of the exam. Do not stay up late for whatever reason days before the exam. Late nights will affect how your brain functions, making concentration difficult.

If you need help reviewing for an important exam, the tutors of AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center will be more than happy to assist you. E-mail us at

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