Going to school can be a woefully stressful experience at times. There are lessons to be learned, homework to be done, and projects to be accomplished. Of course, there’s so much more to school than studying. There are friends to meet and all sorts of extracurricular activities to attend. Sometimes, however, these can cause students a bit of stress too, like when they get into disagreements with classmates or find their extracurricular organizations eating too much of their time.

De-stressing is important for students in many aspects. It not only calms their minds and comforts their bodies, it contributes to their overall health and well-being too. Here are eight ways that students can de-stress from all the issues and concerns of their everyday lives in school.

  1.  Unplug. You’re studying for a test while chatting with a friend on Facebook and checking your Instagram account on your phone. It’s no wonder you’re stressed. You’re experiencing sensory overload. Here’s a quick way to de-stress: Turn off your phone. Log out of Facebook. Lie down for a few minutes and enjoy a world where nobody’s feed is bugging you.
  2. Go outside. When you’ve been locked up in your room all day studying, the walls can feel constricting. Ditch your room for a few minutes and go outside. Enjoy the fresh air. Take a walk or go for a quick run. The change of scenery will calm you down.
  3. Write a letter. In the hustle and bustle of school, you are bound to have a friend or two whom you have not communicated with in ages. Take a break from studying to write them a letter. Don’t send them an email message. Get a postcard or a stationary, and handwrite your letter. It will make you more conscious of your thoughts.
  4. Get yourself organized. When your desk is all messy and disorganized, you get the feeling of losing control and being overwhelmed. Tidy things up. Put everything in its proper place. You’ll soon discover that your workload ain’t that big after all.
  5.  Shake it off! Put on some music and dance! Yes, dance! It’s one way of shaking up and shaking off all the stressors on your body. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a good dancer or a bad one. In the confines of your room, nobody’s going to see you anyway!
  6.  Get a movie fix. We all have a favorite scene from a favorite movie or TV series. Treat yourself to some downtime by watching it a couple of times over. You’ll soon find yourself happy and smiling, ready to face another round of work.
  7. Splash your face with water or better yet, take a long, relaxing bath. Nothing beats stress faster than the refreshing feeling of water being splashed all over your body.
  8.  Last but not least, breathe! This is probably the best way to rid yourself of all the anxious feelings running through your body. By being conscious of your breathing, focusing on every inhale and exhale, you’ll find your mind clearing up. And with every breath you take, you’ll soon realize that everything will be fine!
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