Summer is finally here! After months of toiling in school, you can finally sleep in and get as much sleep as you want without worrying about the alarm clocking going off. You can opt to just lie on your bed the whole day streaming your favorite show on your tablet while chatting with your friends on your phone. However, pretty soon, things may get pretty stale. Summer is always about rest, relaxation and vacations, but there is no reason for you not to be productive as well. Here are some ideas to have a fruitful and fun summer vacation.

Try a New Sport

Whether an individual sport like tennis or a team sport such as flag football are exhilarating, the thrill that each point you score while in the game will always bring you a different kind of rush— and that rush cannot be totally replicated with videogames. So, now that time is not an issue, bust out those sweats and try something new.

Unleash Your Inner Rock Star

At one point in your life, you wished you could rock out on stage to your favorite band or singer. Now that you have some time on your hands, you can finally start your journey to music stardom. Learn an instrument. Writing the next hit song always starts with awesome lyrics and a melody. So, take the time and let your creativity loose.

Make Friends and Learn with AHEAD

Although it would be drag to study during the summer break, it could also have its upsides. First of all, it could be an awesome way to make new friends because you’ll be going to our centers with other students. Also, since you’ll be studying advanced lessons, you can be a wee bit more relaxed in the incoming school year. Advance learning definitely has its perks. AHEAD’s Summer Advancement Program makes learning fun for every student who wants to learn. For more information, visit our Summer Advancement page.

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