Nature is in danger of disappearing, even in books. When reading novels or going over picture books, you may have noticed that depictions of natural surroundings and animals are dwindling as compared to those of massive infrastructures or modern settings. This is a pity.

As today’s world becomes more focused on technology, the importance of nature may be increasingly overlooked. Don’t allow this to happen. When people take the time to notice and understand the importance of the environment, the world will become a more beautiful place to live in.

So the next time you visit your favorite bookstore, pick out a few books about nature for your child. If he loves animals, select one that highlights unusual creatures like the star-nosed mole or the blue dragon sea slug.

If your child is interested in travelling and exploring, the tutors of AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center recommend that you choose books that feature the fantastic landscapes of certain locations such as caves, mountains, jungles, and valleys. You will be especially surprised to find many of such geographic wonders in the Philippines.

By celebrating the presence of nature in literature, we give our children opportunities to appreciate its many wonders as well as encourage them to be good stewards of the environment.

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