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After months of preparation and dedication, you will see the fruits of your labor because the UPCAT is finally happening this weekend! Aside from the lessons and techniques you have learned during your review, here are additional tips to get you ready for the big day from the tutors of AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center:

  •     Take care of your body during these last few days so your health will not be neglected. Eat plenty of brain food and keep yourself hydrated. Coffee or tea can help you stay alert during your studies. Get enough sleep and exercise as well so your brain can process information better.
  •     Minimize distractions and stress by limiting your usage of gadgets and the internet. Make sure your study space has enough light, is peaceful, and promotes learning.
  • Taking regular breaks can not only ease your stress, it can also improve your focus. Plus, having a positive attitude allows you to think more clearly and can encourage you to do your best.
  • Pack all of the things you will need beforehand and frequently check the news for updates on the weather. If you know someone who had taken last year’s exam, you can ask them for extra reminders and pointers.
  • Be confident, be ready, and be optimistic. You have worked hard and learned so much. You will definitely do great on the test!


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