AHEAD has a unique test based program patterned after specific college entrance tests, designed to provide students the right preparation for the right exam.

Deciding which school to go to is the student’s first task. Whether it’s for the ACET, UPCAT, or DLSUCET, AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center’s President Rossana Llenado advises preparing correctly for college entrance exams. After you decide which universities you want to apply to, try to take review classes that are college specific. Some schools give more focus on Math; others might pay attention to your Science scores. Try to find out which subjects the school of your choice might concentrate on. If you find yourself in a review session, take it seriously. The more you pay attention to lectures, the less detail you will miss, the bigger the chances are of you making the grade, she says.

With a test-based review, students are better prepared for the college entrance exam of their choice. The tests in this review will touch on the subjects that a specific exam for a particular college will have. It’s not just about studying or reviewing, but studying for the right subjects.

The Ateneo College Entrance Test is a good example, adds Llenado. It’s different from all other admission tests in the country since it has a General Intelligence Test. Its Math component is also much more difficult than those of other entrance exams. The approach to the review and the way it is conducted are also important factors to consider.

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