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Anmisyel Aldea, May 2

A good education is the gateway to better employment opportunities; and better employment opportunities mean better salaries, benefits and privileges; hence a better a life AHEAD.

As a fresh graduate, one is armed only with his resume and diploma in hand; both boast nothing but his educational background. When over hundreds or even thousands of applicants vie for a certain position, employers look at the academic credentials of the applicants for blacklisting. Other factors they consider are the name of the school from which the applicant graduated, and the relevance of the degree to the position applied for. Getting a degree from one of the top schools is an advantage indeed, as their graduates are known to have received good quality education and proper training from the best professors and educators. Those who finish a degree with flying colors are (almost) always a priority; thus an edge among other applicants.

Good education means academic preparedness with the right attitude and values essential for an individually to become effective and efficient in his chosen endeavor; thereby leading to a better life AHEAD.

Julie Gonzales, May 2

Mula pagkabata palang, turo na sa amin ng aking magulang na sobrang napakaimportante ang edukasyon, ika nga nila, Isang bagay na di mananakaw ninuman,Isang pamanang habang buhay na di nauubos. Bakit kaya? Nang mamatay ang aking Ina dito ko nalamang lubos na importansya, na ang edukasyon lamang ang magiging kaagapay mo sa buhay sa oras ng kagipitan.

Mula sa kaliit-liitang numero hanggang sa Alpabetong ating binasa at sinaulo ay humubog sa ating kaisipan, Di lang mental kundi ating pakikisalamuha sa ibang tao. Dito palamang, ay masasabing tunay na nagtagumpay ka sa tulong ng edukasyon.

Ang edukasyon ay di natatapos, bago pa man tayo pinanganak ay nandyan na sya, at Payabong ng Payabong, naghihintay na ating siyasatin at diskubrehin. Sa tulong nito tayo ay binibigyan ng pagkakataong magkaroon ng pagbabago sa pagtingin sa mundo,tinutulungan tayong makipagsabayan sa ibat ibang bansa. Ito rin ang nagbibigay daan sa atin upang malaman ang kaibahan ng bawat isa, ang kagustuhan at mga kadahilanan ng bawat pangyayari na pwedeng magbunsod sa kapayapaan at kayamanan ng isang bansa.

Sa tingin mo ba mabubuhay ang tao kapag walang edukasyon? Sa aking palagay ay hindi, Ito ay hindi isang pribilehiyo bagkus isang karapatan, isang oportunidad na dapat hablutin at pagyamanin. Ito ang magdadalsayo sa tuktok. Edukasyon ang iyong magiging Kasangkapang panlaban sa kahirapan.Ito ang magiging takbuhan mo at ang tutulong na magtayo sa sarili mo bilang isang matibay at maasahang Puno na pwedeng maging tahanan ng ibang tao na maaring gumaya’t maging magaling sa lahat ng aspeto ng buhay. Mula sa maliit na gawaing ito, Tunay na makakatulong sa ating Inang Bayan na syang magiging lakas sa bawat unos na dumating.

Sa Madaling salita…

A-ning di nauubos, Aning umaapaw, edukasyong para sa lahat

H-ihila sa iyo mula sa pagkalugmok

E-nerhiyang magbibigay lakas upang suungin ang pagbabago

A-sin na magbibigay lasa sa ating buhay na tila di kumpleto

D-i mananakaw, ngunit pwedeng maibahagi kaninuman

Isang Gabay na dapat nating isapuso, Kung gusto mo ng magandang buhay sa hinaharap, maging AHEAD ka lang sa lahat ng pagkakataon, at ito ang magiging tulay mo sa TAGUMPAY!

Karen Ardiente, May 2

After years of studying in school, I have learned that good education can give you a better life because this will mold you into what you can become in the future. Having good grades, great achievements and excellent skills would definitely set you apart from others. From there, everything follows.. good job, great pay and a good life. As Lao Tzu says, “A journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step” ; better plan your life well, We should avoid mediocrity and never miss an opportunity to excel. It pays well to be AHEAD. =)

Yana Dee, May 1

From the beginning and as I grow up, my first mentors are my parents. They taught me basic things in life which could make a good impact to me and the people which surrounds me. Respect, patience, and fear of God. These traits helped me survive my days, these helped me to overcome my little fears which became my strength, these helped me to cope with other people. I remember when I was still a little kid, my parents used to ask me what I wanted to be, and I said “I want to be a fight attendant.” They told me that to be able to achieve my goals in life, I have to study hard. Those words gave chills to me. Eventually, I had to go to school. I graduated grade school. During those days, I kept on saying that studying is boring, teenagers live to have fun, without realizing the pain and hardships of my first mentors just to let us study in a very good school, they went through all the challenges and dealings just to earn money for me and my brother. They gave all the material things that we want, all the support on whatever we want to take. But then I realized that education is the key to the treasure chest of your goals in life. As I go on through my high school life, I kept on thinking about my parents, their efforts and all. So I studied hard, I see to it that I am still one of the Top Ten in the class and maintain a good grade so mom and dad could be proud of me. Now that I have finished high school and face another journey, a harder journey than what I am used to though, with all the worries and fears of coping with new faces and environment, I swore to my self to do better. With the help of education and all the values taught to me, I could find a good job and build a family, I could also help all the people who are always there to love and help us especially my parents so I could return to them the comfort and tokens of life that they gave us. And for the community especially to the people who are in need, I could share what I know and what I could do to make a better and humane society.

Licup Gloren, Apr 30

“How can good education give you a better life AHEAD?”

In today’s world, a good education is essential. Not only will one be able to make better decisions in life, one will also be able to obtain higher paying and respected careers with a good education. A good education not only teaches one the essential skills of the working world, it also prepares the mind to make sane, healthy, and intelligent decisions about any situation that one may encounter on life’s journey. A good education helps one to determine between what is right and what is wrong. The ability to read, write and perform basic mathematical operations is valuable in any job or career. Professionals who make high salaries are those who have excelled in their basic educational skills of reading, writing, and maths. Although there are several benefits to a good education, the main benefit is that it makes one a better person in all aspects of their life.

Hazel Anne Tiu, Apr 27

Education is something that we all need yet only few appreciate it. It is one of the most powerful things in this world that can change one’s life. It is the most fundamental building block for human development and poverty reduction. It is very important that we have it to experience a better life and to hope possibly for a better future. One of the institutions that foster good education is AHEAD tutorial and review center.

Through education, we learn myriad of things- be it on how bookish we are or just spontaneous on how we learn. But good education gives us a space to grow in our own time. Yes, we go to school to learn, to be ready for the real world, to find jobs. But good education is much beyond that. It not only helps us to be bright about many things or about a specific job. It is also not just acquired with the help of books. So what really is a good education and what should we do for it?

A-spire. Aspiring for something that we want. Setting our own goals and dreaming to be at the top would explain how a good education can influence us. This is the first step towards success. If we will not aspire for anything and be contented where we are right now, then how can we expect that there would be a better future awaiting for us? If one has no courage to even dream and set goals, where could we possibly end?

H-olistic. Good education encompasses our whole being, not just the mental state that we all care about. It not only gives us a knowledgeable mind but it also gives us the skills that we will be needing in the real world. Yes, we can learn from school the skills that we need specifically for a certain job(physical aspect) but good education gives us the courage and power(emotional aspect) which a person must have to sustain life. Through this, we can be a sociable person as well, not feeling inferior to anyone.

E-dge. Advantage towards others is its one benefit. We can just compare ourselves to those with no good education at all. Our main edge to them is that we are perfectly equipped with the skills that we need. We might forget everything that they taught us in school, but having those fruits in our hearts, we can go completely well and see a bright future ahead of us.

A-ttitude. With all the benefits that we can get from good education, we must have the right attitude. People equipped with good education can even run a whole nation. If we will just take time to see and evaluate ourselves, we can make this nation a better place. There’s nothing worse than people having intelligence but are not using it for the greater good or if this intelligence doesn’t serve its purpose. As Rev. Fr. Manny S. Flores, SJ said, “We must not use our brilliance to destroy others and ourselves.”

D-esire. The desire to still learn new things everyday is one of the things that good education taught me. Having been equipped with the right skills, we must still want to learn. We must not be confident enough because as one day passes by, there are a lot of realizations, a lot of new ideas that we can get from life. Learning must not stop. It is continuous from the day we were born until we die.

Allan Kmart Balcita, Apr 17

Good education aims at nurturing the mind, fostering individuality and developing one’s personality. However, we need to bear one important basic principle: The aim of good education is not merely to prepare the child for life, it is more so to provide him effective tools for living a fuller and happier life. On this basic concept, lies the elements of good education.

Basic education begins in the home, long before formal education takes place in schools and colleges. Parents who are naturally the child’s first teachers, can be most effective for their children’s academic growth. Parental support and encouragement are one of the most crucial elements to learning. Teaching by example and encouraging the growing child’s natural interest in learning, is the key to incorporating good education in the daily lives of children.

Now let us examine some of the important elements of good education:

* Development of the mind

Development of the mind is the basis of a child’s intellectual growth. True value of education lies primarily in how well it enables the child to think out solutions to problems independently. While imparting knowledge, it would be most beneficial to create and encourage the child’s interest in learning. This implies following the child’s natural bent of mind and allowing each child to freely develop his/her potential. Variety of teaching methods sparks the child’s interest, and enhances the educational process making learning meaningful.

* Development of character

The development of character which includes behavior and social skills are better indicators of success in children than any amount of knowledge gained. This is an important element of good education. Character-building can be reinforced in the home where basic values like honesty, kindness and empathy are taught and instilled right from the early stage of child’s development. These could also be effectively reinforced and incorporated in schools by the teachers.

* Development of moral consciousness

The basics of moral consciousness can be introduced first in homes by parents themselves. Children need to be morally conscious about the good and bad behavior options they encounter from time to time. They need to be morally responsible for their behavior and understand, that rights also entail responsibilities. They need to learn the importance of behaving well at all times. Doing so, would most certainly enhance their educational experience.

Development of time management skills

Imbibing time-management skills is a vital element of good education. Teaching children the value of time reaps rich benefits in the future. Children need to be punctual in submitting their homework assignments on time. This training helps in fostering a sense of responsibility in children which will be crucial to their success in later years.

* Development of team spirit

Another important element of good education is the development of team spirit. This could begin at home and followed up later at school level. Introducing reading as a shared family activity, sharing books, ideas and daily experiences teaches children to shift their focus from the element of “me” to “us” and builds up team spirit. It becomes all the more beneficial at school when children have to share the learning tools as well as their teacher’s attention and play games and sports which emphasize team spirit.

* Development of the right perspective

Good education need not be purely theoretical. It is simply not enough to gain knowledge. Development of the right perspective to living a fuller life is equally important. Learning important life skills like doing chores in the house, gardening, cooking, and sewing are all an integral part of good education. Participating in extra-curricular activities such as in debates, sports, exhibitions, and dramatic competitions are all excellent elements of education.

* Conclusion

In today’s age of globalization, training in citizenship and knowledge of the world beyond, could yield the greatest reward. As children reach adulthood, this vital training can reiterate the concept that nations can best prosper with peace rather than war.

Parents and educators would do well to put all the above elements of good education into practice right there in their homes and schools. This could certainly yield a significant impact on their children’s adult lives.


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