According to Matthew Joseph Frani of St. Andrew’s School, one of the many students who took AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center’s College Entrance Review Program, “The course’s diagnostic test helped me recognize my strengths and weaknesses.” Hazel Anna Papagayo of the International Christian Academy, adds, “I was able to assess how much I’ve learned and the results pushed me to work harder.” She says that learning by doing—by completing simulated tests—helped eliminate any uncertainty she might have felt about taking the real test. Beatrice Pamittan of De La Salle Santiago Zobel School says that the simulated tests felt so real that they mentally prepared her for the pressure of taking the entrance test of the University of the Philippines.

AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center, the best tutorial and review center in the country, has helped thousands of students review for the highly competitive college entrance exams of the University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, and De La Salle University.

They are just a few of the many students who benefited from taking AHEAD’s College Entrance Review Program. Martina Gabrielle Nasol of Statefields School says, “I learned techniques that could help me when I take the real test.” Cyril Kenrick Caballero of the Don Bosco Technical Institute in Makati says he appreciates that the practice tests they took during the course was patterned after the real deal. Nicole Liu of the School of the Holy Spirit in Quezon City agrees, “It gave me a glimpse of what college entrance tests are like.” This is not surprising given that one of things that sets AHEAD apart from other review centers is that it provides practice tests that simulate the real experience as closely as possible. Nicole Piñeranda, who is also from the School of the Holy Spirit, shares, “We got to practice taking the test within a given time limit.” Not only that, says Claret School student Gabriel Rasonable: “The tests were graded!”

Many of the students also appreciated learning the art of speed reading, both as a skill in and of itself, and as a tool that they could use to help them when they take the college entrance exams. Dan Jeron Paz of San Beda College in Rizal says it not only taught him how to go through passages quickly, it also increased his reading comprehension skills. For Bianca Piedad of Centro de Cultura School in Isabela, speed reading “helped me answer the questions quickly and correctly and comprehend all the statements in the paragraph.”

More than equipping them with the skills and techniques they need to pass competitive college entrance exams, AHEAD’s College Entrance Review Program also provided them with the right attitude. “It helped build my confidence,” Paula Inocencio of the Holy Spirit Academy of Malolos says. Bianca knows that she learned more than what she needed to ace a college entrance exam. She says, “The course helped prepare me for college life.”

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