Do you want to take up college in the United States? Apart from all the legal documents necessary for such an endeavor, you must also pass the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), says AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center lecturer Raymond “Wacks” Cagampan. This is required of all high school seniors applying for college in the United States.

But what do you know about the SAT?

Given seven times a year, the SAT lasts for about three and a half hours, and is divided into four sections: math, reading, writing, and critical thinking, explains Cagampan.

Each section is graded on a scale of 200 to 800. A score of 500 for each section means you’re merely average. A score of 2,400 means you’re tops.

You may take the SAT as many times as you want before your high school graduation.

If you want to ace your SAT, Cagampan suggests some pointers:

* Familiarize yourself. Visit the SAT website. There you’ll find the subjects covered, test dates, and locations. List down the subjects where you need most help.

* Look into SAT review courses and find out which matches your budget and schedule.

AHEAD’s SAT Review Course makes use of expertly guided instruction from the country’s best tutors as well as personalized practice tests from Knewton, an adaptive learning platform based in the United States. AHEAD’s partnership with Knewton makes its SAT Review Course even better.

Through the practice tests, the student’s strengths and weaknesses can be identified. He and his tutor can then devote more time to subjects he is having difficulties in. If some math concepts are unclear to him as indicated in the results of the practice tests, then the tutor will adjust his lesson plan.  The review then becomes customized.

* During the actual exams, skip difficult questions. Because each section has a time limit, lingering on one difficult item will give you less time to answer easier ones. Return to difficult questions after you’re through with the entire test.

*Make an educated guess. Don’t panic when the answer to a multiple question escapes you. Make an educated guess by eliminating items which you think are not right. The last item standing is the most likely answer.

* Beef up on your vocabulary. Read books, magazines, newspapers, web sites, and other materials which will acquaint you with new words as well as the meaning of various phrases.

For more information on AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center’s SAT Review Course, call 4260034 to 36 or 0917-89-AHEAD.

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