Summer is finally here and students all over the country are rejoicing! For the next few weeks, they can take it easy, reconnect with their loved ones, and chill out with their friends. For most children, however, summer is more than just taking a break. It’s about pursuing activities both stimulating and fun. Here are five exciting activities that kids would definitely love to take part of this summer!

1. Learn to play a musical instrument: Your child will not only be able to play some beautiful tunes, he’ll learn a thing or two about discipline too. He can choose to learn how to play a standard guitar or go for the classical violin.

2.  Get a summer job: Not only would your child learn valuable life lessons and gain some work experience, he would also get to meet new people. Plus, getting a taste of the professional world would better prepare him for things to come.

3.  Travel to a new place: It is never too early to explore the country. Taking part in the different festivals around the Philippines with friends and family is one of the best things your child can do while he’s young.

4.  Take up a new sport: The Philippines is a basketball country but other sports are slowly carving their way into the hearts and minds of Filipinos. Encourage your child to try different sports such as swimming, football, or volleyball. It’s a great way to keep your kids in shape.

5.  Enroll in AHEAD’s Summer Advancement Program: Taking the Summer Advancement Program has a couple of major perks. For one thing, your child would get a leg up over his classmates next school year. Plus, he’ll have the chance to meet new friends! AHEAD, the country’s leading tutorial and review center, is now accepting students for its Summer Advancement Program. For more information, email

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