fb poster science appsWhen it comes to technology, resistance is futile. It’s best to go with the flow and adapt with the fast-paced developments that take place on our gadgets even as we swipe our fingers across the screen.

One way to fully embrace the benefits of electronic gadgets used by every family member is to make use of software and applications that add to our knowledge and aid in learning. Here are five applications that middle- to high school students will find helpful—and fun!

1 Wolfram Alpha

Forget Google and nurture your inner geek with Wolfram Alpha (http://www.wolframalpha.com/). This search engine app covers a broad range of topics from chemistry and physics to earth science, astronomy, and physics. Math topics are also searchable, including a slew of facts and figures on people, geography, culture and history, scientific formulas, graphs, and statistics.

2 Star Walk

Reach for the stars with the Star Walk app (www.vitotechnology.com/star-walk.html) and explore the nighttime sky in real time. Know more about constellations and planets and watch the sky unravel its secrets as you point your smartphone or tablet at the sky. You can even connect your device to project Star Walk on to a big screen and create you own little planetarium.

3 Skeptical Science

Know more about science trends and discussions around the world and disprove baseless scientific claims made by that know-it-all science geek in class. Just type out the doubtful scientific data and wait for Skeptical Science (www.skepticalscience.com) to spew out factual information that will not only educate you and your friends, but also earn you brownie points in science class.

4 The Elements by Theodore Gray

Chemistry becomes cool and hip with The Elements by Theodore Gray app (apps.theodoregray.com/home/the-elements-a-visual-exploration) for its detailed visual representation of the periodic table, alongside interesting facts about each one. Whoever said boron, magnesium, and selenium were boring hasn’t tried this app yet.

5 Monster Physics

Start up your own physics lab with the Monster Physics app (dan-russell-pinson.com/2012/05/11/monsterphysics) that teaches you how to build various contraptions while learning more about mass, force, acceleration, friction, gravity, and more.

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