By Rossana L. Llenado

I’m not only talking about new shoes, socks, clothes, notebooks, pens, notepads, pencils, books, a bag, and whatnot, although these are important because these are things that you will most likely be using for the next 10 months.

But apart from the material things, there is something else that you really need for the new school year,  a ready mind.

Every year, the subjects become more difficult and ultimately, more challenging.  Even if you’re enrolled in a reputable school, it does not automatically mean that you will receive outstanding marks.  You will need to be really focused when studying to be able to cope with the workload.  Otherwise, your grades will suffer.

You may not realize it now, but the marks you get in school may significantly affect your future, for primary schoolers, it is a stepping stone to prestigious secondary schools; for high schoolers, it is a major factor considered by universities in terms of accepting applicants; for college students, it is an indicator for companies of the type of student you were and the type of employee you might be.

There are several ways of preparing your mind for the coming school year:

Recognize the importance of getting good grades

    – not only for yourself, but for your family as well.  Your parents are working hard so that you can be assured of a better future.  It would make them very happy to see you succeed in your academic life, because this may ultimately lead to a secure career.  And you would be setting a good example for your younger siblings too.

Leaf through your new textbooks even before the official start of your classes.

    This way, you can familiarize yourself with the new concepts, which will be easier for you to understand once the topics will be taken up in school.

Learn to love to read.

    Expand the world beyond your school books  Try reading books that are not part of your school curriculum. Reading will help improve your vocabulary, your reading comprehension and writing skills, and English proficiency.

It doesn’t hurt to ask for help.

    Ask your parents to teach you the lessons in advance.  Or you can ask to be enrolled in enrichment programs or tutorial services that will give your a head start in your studies. This will actually give you more time to relax and be with your family and friends, since the time you will spend studying and struggling to understand new lessons will be cut down. You may even be able to help your friends with their own schoolwork throughout the year.

A reputable tutorial center, such as Ahead Tutorial & Review Center, will help you quickly understand the topics taught in school, and let you cope easily with the workload.  Assisting students from the pre-school level to graduate school, Ahead is for young achievers who want to maximize their capacities, get into the best schools, and ultimately practice rewarding careers.  Ahead’s goal is to give you a tutorial that will eliminate your need to be tutored.

With these simple tips, you can go to school with confidence, knowing that you are thoroughly prepared for whatever lessons will be taught for the next months.

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