A winner may be defined as someone who has achieved greatness. He may be someone who has excelled in his field, gathering numerous accolades along the way. A winner may also be someone who topped a competition.

Amidst all of these definitions, however, does a winner have to be someone who has never failed? Can a person still be called a winner even though he has experienced defeat?

Countless winners have gone through many heartbreaking moments, most of which have been overshadowed by their achievements. There is a heart-rending episode behind every success story, from Albert Einstein to Michael Jordan. That’s because being a winner is not just about being perfect. Being a winner is about conquering obstacles, rising above challenges, and overcoming failures.


EINSTEINLet’s take Albert Einstein. Regarded as one of the greatest scientists to ever walk the face of this Earth, Einstein’s numerous contributions to the scientific community will make a mark on generations to come. But when Einstein was a child, he had great difficulty speaking, prodding his teachers to say that he would never amount to much. Well, he showed them, didn’t he?


DISNEYOf course, everyone knows Walt Disney, the man who weaved his wand of imagination, transporting children to other worlds full of fantasy and adventure. But once upon a time, Walt Disney actually got fired from his job because, his employers said, he lacked imagination and had no original ideas. Mickey Mouse changed all that!


JORDANMichael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Players of all ages still look up to His Airness, and the Jordan brand is still one of the more formidable in the market. But when he was just starting out, His Airness was known as “the guy who got cut from the basketball team.” Jordan was pulled out of his high school basketball team and he took the hit pretty hard. But come back he did, and Jordan went on to be the legend that he is.


Experiencing setbacks is a part of life. Things do not always work out the way we want to and we may very well experience failure and disappointment. But these winners have proven that even the best of us fall down sometimes, and that the real winning is in how we rise above adversity.

If you’re having a difficult time in school and you’re having a hard time rising above numerous academic challenges, it’s not too late to prove to everyone just how much of a winner you really are. We are more than happy to welcome you to the home of winners, AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center, where you can be the best you can be!

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