Whether you’re asking a close friend or your long-time crush, promposals are something many anticipate and prepare for. With prom season nearing, promposals start to happen here and there and some are even posted on social media for everyone to see. Some say that your highschool experience won’t feel complete if you did not experience going to prom. Of course, the most important thing is for the person being asked to say ‘yes!’ right? With that, all of us may have thought of, “What makes a good promposal?” Don’t worry because we’ve got all of them listed down for you.

  1. Timing
    When planning a promposal, timing is of the utmost importance. Make sure that it’s in a place where no one will get disturbed. Knowing the person’s schedule helps a lot as well as being familiar with the place.
  2. Creativity
    Having friends to help out is a plus because they hype things up and give needed support. When thinking of ideas on how to do a promposal, it can be as silly or as ‘kilig’ as long as the other person appreciates it. Showing creativity on the promposal shows how much effort was put into the act.
  3. Quality over quantity
    Giving flowers and chocolates or other trinkets can be expensive but they don’t have to be given in big amounts. A small bouquet or box of chocolates within budget will do. How they’ll be given is when all of it plays out.
  4. Sincerity
    This comes without saying but it really shows in a person if what he or she is doing is sincere. Expensive gifts and lavishness aside, if public promposals aren’t your thing, asking the person in private is okay and nothing to be worried about!

After knowing these qualities, a promposal can be given a great boost! Plan things ahead of time and don’t be afraid asking for help and for tips from your friends, brothers, sisters or even your parents. Have fun at prom!

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