With so many freelance tutors offering their services to students, what’s a parent’s guarantee that he has found a knowledgeable and dependable one? It doesn’t help that parents have to deal with security issues as well, especially with the widespread instances of burglaries and kidnappings.

What to do?

Enroll your children in a center-based tutorial!

With tutorial-based centers, parents can be assured of the quality of the service rendered by tutors, says AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center tutor Kristine Tria. Here at AHEAD, we only get tutors from the top universities and colleges of the country.

There are many benefits to having your child enrolled at a professional tutorial center; here are some of them:

Credentials Checked. Center-based tutors are required to pass a number of exams before they are hired. They have to go through several interviews and background checks as well. For review centers like AHEAD, honor students from the University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, and De La Salle University have a greater chance of being accepted.

Security Assured. Center-based tutorials make the effort of befriending the guardians and parents of the children. Tutors and other non-teaching personnel ensure the security of the students, says Tria. They make sure to endorse students only to their parents or designated guardians.

Tutors Equipped. Different kinds of materials are readily available to the tutors. Should your child need an answer to his math questions, for example, math books are accessible. Plus, center-based tutors usually have more than one area of expertise.

No Distractions. The tutorial center is a place for learning. At home, the television, various Internet-ready gadgets, and friends who happen to just drop by make for an unfocused student. Tutorial centers are free from distractions, especially during tutorial sessions, says Tria. Students can concentrate more than when they are at home. For students, the home is a place where they can rest and do whatever they want. If they have their tutorial sessions at the center, they can focus more on studying their lessons.

If you’re interested in enrolling your child in a tutorial center, then e-mail or visit www.aheadtutorialandreview.com.

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