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Colors can brighten up your life, and they can even help you do better in class, particularly when it comes to details and producing ideas. The tutors of AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center give some suggestions as to how colors can affect your study habits.

If you have trouble focusing on a topic or recalling certain points in a lesson, incorporate the color red in your studies, such as with red sticky notes, red illustrations, or words underlined with red ink. This color makes you more alert to details and you will have a better chance of identifying and remembering them.

If your aim is to be creative, the color blue will play to your advantage. It encourages your mind to be more open, and therefore be more receptive to ideas. Unlike red, which demands your attention, blue allows your thoughts to come more freely. If ever you find yourself stuck on an essay or a project, try looking at the blue sky for inspiration.

Of course, there is a whole range of colors you can use to make your studies more interesting and easier to absorb. Sometimes, a page full of black ink can seem dull, but a page that has an assortment of colors can eagerly draw you into the lesson. You will certainly have a vibrant learning experience!

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